Coming back…..

I’ve neglected this rather random blog for a while, but now I’m going to be using it as the primary outlet for the stuff that interests me.

Right now the ongoing Tory efforts to stifle freedom of speech, protest and thought is a huge cause for concern, Cameron is determined to criminalise freedom of thought and expression and to stifle debate and the ability to think in any way differently than the (tory) mainstream….

if he gets his way you will not be allowed to speak or post about anything he deems controversial. You think 9/11 was an inside job? You think Man-made global warming is a scam? You think the governments actions in Iraq were wrong or even criminal? You will be labelled “a threat to the functioning of democracy” and jailed.

This is not rhetoric, it’s a plan to pass legislation to remove dissent from public debate, to criminalise free speech and it must be resisted.

More here:


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Father, bassist, aikidoka, gamer, intolerant of Tories, intolerant of intolerance, usually boiling mad about something... Always up for a fight. View all posts by wintermute16

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